How Myfreight is Navigating COVID-19

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Since our last update in late March, Myfreight can report the success of our contingency plan to navigate and respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The precautions we applied have enabled us to continue operating on a business as usual basis, mindful but not fearful of the coronavirus pandemic. We continue to monitor daily the recommendations provided by Governments, healthcare and transport authorities throughout Australia.

Some of the preventative measures implemented by Myfreight during this period have included:

  • Equipping all staff to work from home
  • Postponing international and domestic business travel
  • Limiting physical contact, facilitated by one-way traffic movement arrows throughout our offices and limiting the number of people allowed in each meeting room
  • Creating a culture of infection control throughout our offices, by providing hand sanitising units and disinfecting wipes on each desk
  • Bringing forward our annual flu immunisation program to increase take-up
  • Optimising the use of internal technology and video conferencing as a preferred method of contact for internal and external meetings

Some of the key outcomes delivered during this period to assist our customers in managing the coronavirus pandemic include:

  • Setting up our customers with B2C models by developing new shopping cart integrations.
  • Assisting our customers with moving away from centralised DC models to distributing product out of stores or out of home where necessary, to assist keep their business moving during the pandemic.

We are dedicated to continuing to support our staff and customers during and post the coronavirus pandemic. We wish you, your colleagues, friends and family well during this time.