Preparing for Peak Season

Leading into peak season, there are difficulties industry-wide with acquiring trucks, particularly for bulk interstate deliveries.

In some states (e.g. South Australia) there is a great demand for freight into the state, but not out of the state. Consequently, transport companies are reluctant to deliver in these areas as it is more profitable to service other states where there are large volumes of freight both entering and exiting.

In addition to this, there is a shortage of truck drivers across Australia and an influx of staff absenteeism due to COVID-19. This means that in some cases trucks are available but transport providers do not have staff to drive them.

In some cases, finding an available vehicle for an interstate load can take up to a week or more.

Understanding this, we are encouraging our customers to take the following steps:

  • Maintain close communication with your Myfreight Account Manager
    The Myfreight team is well placed to assist you with your delivery, as we have relationships with a network of transport providers located Australia-wide. Maintaining close contact with your Myfreight Account Manager helps us understand the demand and volumes of freight within your business, and means we can keep you updated on the transport and logistics landscape to assist your understanding and expectations.
  • Book in advance
    By booking as far in advance as possible, you provide the best opportunity for freight to be picked up and delivered by Christmas.
  • Anticipate delays
    Many transport carriers are experiencing out-of-the-ordinary disruptions, including natural disasters, COVID-19 staff absenteeism and pallet shortages. Understand and expect these circumstances will have an impact on how quickly your freight can be delivered.
  • Ensure labels are securely attached
    This means they will stay attached during transit and in unideal weather conditions.
  • Have freight ready for collection
    Please have your freight ready to be collected from 8am on the requested pickup date.
  • Select the best service for your needs
    For urgent freight we recommend selecting priority, same-day or overnight services. Even though these services usually cost more, they offer a much higher likelihood of your freight being delivered in a short timeframe.

Please contact the Myfreight team today if you require any assistance with freight management.