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Through years of experience in freight management, Myfreight has built our industry-leading freight management software called Myfreight IQ. Myfreight IQ creates labels and manifests, tracks freight, and seamlessly interfaces with our customers’ warehouse management systems to automate the shipping process. To discover how our transport management software can support your business, download a brochure from our website and contact the Myfreight team to learn more.

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FAQs About Transport Management Software

What is Myfreight’s Transport Management Software?

Transport Management Software (TMS) is a type of transport software used to manage transportation operations and logistics for businesses that need to move goods from place to place.

Transport management systems are designed to automate and streamline transportation management tasks, such as planning, execution, tracking, and reporting.

Transport software in Australia includes a range of valuable features that can support your business, including carrier pricing and compliance management, label creation, freight tracking, and invoice reconciliation.

The right transport management system can help companies manage transportation costs by identifying the most cost-effective routes and carriers, and providing real-time visibility of transportation operations.

If your company needs to manage transportation operations, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs), transportation management systems could be the solution.

Myfreight’s Transport Management System (TMS) is a powerful logistics software that helps businesses across Australia to manage their transportation operations with maximum efficiency.

To streamline your transportation tasks and level up your planning, execution, tracking, and reporting, choose Myfreight, the best transport software in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today.

What can transportation management software do?

When it comes to commercial freight & logistics, transport management software provides an efficient and cost-effective way to send freight for businesses.

Most transport management software in Australia will provide data on the delivery of all products, as well as tracking at each stage of delivery.

Transportation management systems help streamline every aspect of the shipping process, making it easier for businesses to reduce their freight spend and simplify their logistics.

Why invest in transport management software?

Myfreight offers user-intuitive and in-house built freight management software.

Being built in-house, Myfreight can be developed to integrate with your existing ERP and WMS, this provides a streamlined logistics solution for your business that is built bespoke to you needs.

We continuously invest in the research and development of our transport management software, and often improve our system based on market demand and feedback. System updates are done in real time, ensuring full system performance for our customers. We run a single version of our system, so all Myfreight users have access to the most recent version and can use all system functionality, there are no upgrades or additional modules at extra cost.

Our system is built to minimise human error and follow a logical workflow. Myfreight can deliver training in a matter of minutes and the Myfreight IQ can be implemented with minimal disruption to business operations.

Our intuitive design means businesses can execute complex and laborious tasks with ease. Our customers can easily reconcile costs that have been invoiced by transport providers, and utilise live reporting tools powered by real-time data to make business decisions.

What types of businesses utilise Myfreight IQ freight management software?

Businesses across a variety of industries utilise transport management software in Australia. Myfreight provides software to businesses a large range of businesses, including but not limited to those in mining, retail, automotive and household appliances. Businesses regularly sending freight to other businesses or consumers can benefit from transport management software.

Transport management software is attractive to businesses that wish to manage their freight spend by utilising a selection of transport carriers, and always selecting the least expensive transport option for each consignment.

Myfreight can create alerts for warehouse managers of business leaders to monitor spend, and the progress of a delivery, to ensure the best possible experience for your business clients or consumers, at as low cost as possible.

Our software, Myfreight IQ, is the most user-intuitive transport management software in Australia, and can seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and WMS systems to streamline your supply chain and operations.

How much does a TMS system cost?

The cost of a transportation management software system will vary depending on the volume of freight you send, the integrations you need for the system to work seamlessly within your warehouse, and what elements of your supply chain you require assistance managing.

Transportation management software can come in a number of different forms; ready-made systems or custom designs. Myfreight IQ can be applied as is to many business models, but many of our large-scale clients require specific integrations to their ERP and WMS.

Contact Myfreight, and our Sales team will provide a proposal based on the specific requirements of your business.

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