Why Cyber Security is so important in the Freight and Logistics Sector

Cybercrimes cost Australian businesses $33 billion in the 2020-2021 Australian financial year. There has been an increase in the average severity and impact of reported cyber security incidents, with nearly half being categorised as substantial.

The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled Australian businesses to increase their reliance on the internet to work remotely. Digitisation has provided many benefits to Australian businesses including operational efficiencies, connectivity and expanded revenue streams. On the contrary, it has also exposed Australian businesses to cyber-attacks. This has been prevalent across all industries, including businesses operating in proximity to the commercial freight and logistics sector.

Cyber security attacks are harmful and costly to businesses and can result in loss of money and personal information. While the Australian government has put in place strategies to strengthen cyber resilience among Australian businesses, when digitising transport and logistics, it is critical that businesses are selective with which transport management software they choose to onboard.

Myfreight is an ideal partner for businesses that prioritise their security. Myfreight has invested in securing data in three separate AWS data centres, providing one of the safest global options for data storage and access.

Myfreight is regularly audited by a third-party professional penetration tester and any findings are remediated in order of priority. Security is of the highest priority in the architecture of Myfreight and a continual focus point in our software development.

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