WooCommerce Shopping Cart Integration

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Myfreight now has a WooCommerce shopping cart integration, that allows our customers to display their Myfreight shipping pricing on their shopping cart or checkout page on their website.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows businesses to integrate their website with other e-commerce platforms. It is a popular choice for businesses that sell online, as it is free, easy to install, and simple to customise.

Myfreight’s Shopping Cart Integration

Myfreight has an API shopping cart integration to provide pricing and automatically book freight. Upon payment and acceptance, the plugin automatically creates the consignment within Myfreight. Printing labels, despatching and manifest generation is still done within Myfreight.

Some key features of the plugin:

  • Automatic consignment creation in Myfreight as orders are made through the customer’s website
  • A “packing” feature to bulk packable items (e.g. cartons)
  • Dangerous goods capability
  • Manual handling for fragile goods
  • The option to list one or multiple shipping quotes
  • Accepts all payment methods
  • “Address helper” to look up Australian suburb/state/postcodes, as well as simple address matching to reduce error messages and quickly provide a quote to the customer.

Please contact us via phone (1800 737 600) or email (myfreight@myfreight.com.au) for further information.