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Seamless System Integration

Automate workflows & integrate with Myfreight.

Unified Consignment Management

Manage, price, select & transmit, all in one portal.

Accurate Cost Reconciliation

Quick, precise payment reconciliations every time.

Customised Rate Selection

Choose rates tailored to your needs.

Hassle-free Shipment Tracking

No matter the transport provider.

Insightful Business Analytics

Monitor key metrics & align performance goals.

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Seamless Platform Integration

Myfreight seamlessly integrates with popular shopping carts and offers automation for eCommerce, ERP, & WMS Integrations. Enhancing the B2C order delivery experience for online retailers with tailored services for industry leaders.

Always Here to Assist

With Myfreight Premium, our team becomes an extension of yours. We manage all elements of your supply chain to deliver successful end-to-end transport services and freight management software.

Experience Excellence

Our award-winning software makes shipment tracking, logistics and invoice reconciliation easier than ever before. Designed for the cloud and delivering fast, scalable freight logistics software with 99.99% uptime since launch.

Choose the solution that's best for you


Supreme 4PL partnership

For over 30 years, we've been Australia's leading 4PL provider. Myfreight Premium is your dedicated partner, handling every supply chain aspect, from consultancy to rate negotiation. Let us be your supply chain extension.


Flexibility tailored to your needs

Myfreight Hybrid offers flexibility in managing supply chain elements, addressing your unique challenges. Supported by our enterprise-level FMS, it drives cost efficiencies and performance improvements.


Award-winning freight mastery

Myfreight IQ is an award-winning cloud-based FMS that empowers you with carrier rating, label generation, tracking and invoice reconciliation which can be seamlessly integrated it into your processes.

Explore our Central Freight Management Services

Are you searching for the right transport management solution for your business? At Myfreight, we’re passionate about creating an intuitive and predictive transport network that you can manage yourself, or have us manage for you.

We offer services you can count on, backed by award-winning freight management software. If you’re looking to streamline your workflow with one efficient cloud-based platform, then make Myfreight your first choice.

Download our brochure to explore our services and learn how Myfreight can simplify parcel freight logistics for your business.

Revolutionising Freight Management

With over 30 years in the business, Myfreight stands at the forefront of freight management in Australia. Our innovative, award-winning software and expert team offer a range of transport solutions to support your business operations and simplify your freight management. This includes comprehensive solutions for interstate freight and regional freight, ensuring your goods reach their destination efficiently, no matter the distance.

Our state-of-the-art logistics management software empowers businesses to streamline their operations, gaining insights and control like never before. Whether you need to coordinate complex interstate freight, manage regional freight requirements, or simply want more visibility over your supply chain, our software is here to assist.

We are more than just a service provider - we're your partner, dedicated to creating an intuitive and predictive transport network tailored to your business's needs. From bustling city centres to the most remote regional areas, Myfreight has your freight needs covered

Explore our Freight Management System

Myfreight Premium

A fully managed service offering outstanding transport for Australian businesses, Myfreight Premium offers all the solutions you need. With over 30 years in business, Myfreight Premium is designed for any company searching for a professional partner to manage all areas of their supply chain. This includes advice, rate negotiation, customer support, and much more. We become an extension of your team with our streamlined services and intuitive parcel freight logistics solutions.

Myfreight Hybrid

Enjoy the freedom to select specific elements of your supply chain to be managed by Myfreight. We help businesses create watertight logistics operations, inventory management and more. Whatever your industry or the nature of your business, we have the transportation management software to level up your operations.

Myfreight IQ

We provide access to our award-winning freight management software to manage your own freight. Our cloud-based freight management software gives you unique insights into your business and how to optimise your freight and logistics. If you’re searching for the best freight management in Australia, then make Myfreight your first choice.

Powerful Freight Management Software for your Business

We provide access to our award-winning freight management software to manage your own freight. Our cloud-based freight management software gives you unique insights into your business and how to optimise your freight and logistics. If you’re searching for the best freight management in Australia, then make Myfreight your first choice.

Our award-winning cloud-based transportation management is the next generation of freight management. Forget late deliveries, missed pickups and lost freight. Instead, we provide Australian businesses with the freight software solutions they need to manage delivery tasks with ease.

To explore our streamlined online platform and cloud-based transportation management, then request a brochure and talk to our freight logistics experts today.

Exceptional Freight Shipping Services

From small parcels to large consignments, our freight shipping services are designed to meet your unique requirements. With our network of over 700 transport carriers, we guarantee completely transparent end-to-end delivery through a single centralised platform.

We're committed to increasing the level of service you provide to your customers while reducing your overall shipping costs in the process. No late deliveries, missed pickups or lost freight - just reliable, efficient, and affordable freight shipping services.

Harness the Power of Modern Freight and Logistics

At Myfreight, we blend traditional freight and logistics expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver unbeatable freight solutions. Our cloud-based platform provides unique insights into your business and how to optimise your freight and logistics.

Whether you choose our fully managed service, Myfreight Premium, or prefer the flexibility of Myfreight Hybrid, we have the solutions you need. If you prefer to manage your own freight, our software offering, Myfreight IQ, offers full control and unparalleled transparency.

Get the Freight Management Solutions You Need

Myfreight is the only freight management software created by and for freight managers, including those with local freight needs. We understand the needs of your business better than our competitors. Our state-of-the-art logistics management software is specifically created for the cloud and can integrate with the ERP and WMS your business uses.

Whether your freight needs are international or local, get access to an array of transport carriers so you can choose the carrier and service that is right for you. We believe every business can benefit from high efficiency, low costs and complete transparency at all times. This is exactly what our freight logistics management software is designed to deliver.

Get the Most out of our Freight Management

At Myfreight, we provide you with an outstanding level of choice and streamlined online logistics solutions. Explore our tailored logistics solutions below to learn how we can support your business.

Commercial Freight & Logistics - We specialise in commercial freight and are specialists in streamlining logistics for large scale businesses. At a time when supply chains are stretched to breaking point, our managed freight services remain dependable and adaptable.

Transport Management Software - Looking for freight management that’s efficient and cost-effective? Myfreight IQ is the answer you’ve been searching for. Take advantage of our award-winning cloud-based freight management system, multi-transport carrier rating and selection, monitoring event capture, and invoice reconciliation are just some of our popular features.

Your Journey to Smarter Freight Management Starts Here

Ready to transform your freight logistics and discover the benefits of partnering with Myfreight? Download our brochure to learn more about our services or talk to one of our freight logistics experts today. We’re here to answer all your questions and guide you towards the best freight management solutions for your business.

Remember, when it comes to freight management, freight shipping services, and innovative freight and logistics solutions, make Myfreight your first choice. Join the Myfreight family today and experience the future of freight logistics.

Get the Most Effective Freight Management

At Myfreight, we tailor our services to meet the needs of your business. Explore our logistics solutions below to learn how our industry expertise can support your workflow.

Commercial Freight & Logistics - We specialise in managing commercial freight and creating optimised logistics solutions for large scale organisations. At a time when supply chains are tested to their limits, our managed freight services stay dependable and agile.

Transport Management Software - Searching for the best way to optimise and streamline your logistics? Myfreight IQ is the solution you need. Benefit from our multi-award-winning cloud-based freight management system. Features include transport carrier rating and selection, monitoring event capture, and invoice reconciliation.

Contact the Experts at Myfreight Today

Need a fast, easy and efficient way to ship your goods - that also integrates with your existing ERP and WMS? Then choose Myfreight - the most effective freight management partner in Australia.

Whether you’re shipping products to customers or receiving freight to keep your business running seamlessly, we provide the transport solutions you need.

Supply chains and business needs have changed drastically in recent years. Myfreight has stepped up to fill the new freight requirements that many other freight management services have left.

Forget delays, unreliable deliveries and services that don’t meet your needs. Instead, we’re dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients and providing trustworthy and timely deliveries you can count on.

If you’re interested in learning more and partnering with Myfreight, then why not download a brochure, or contact our team to learn more about our freight management services.

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myfreight google reviews

Christopher Davies

Excellent after sales and really easy to use. Fantastic team at Myfreight, we have been using them for 3 years now to do 3PL work and account management is of the highest level. Very flexible and always willing to help.


Will Morley

Very helpful and understanding staff in customer service. Good Team in accounts who know their craft. An original online system that is powerful, user friendly, ease of use. Invoices issued is good and quick to reconcile within under half normal time to process.


Anielle Jasmin

Highly recommend Hala from my freight best representative very helpful and always a delight to deal with. Thanks Hala

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Freight Management Company?

A freight management company offers a full range of support services, including technology, to businesses that outsource the management of their freight requirements. Rather than have multiple transport accounts with different portals, and having to lodge enquiries through transport companies’ customer service teams, businesses opt to use a freight management company as a partner to manage and streamline those elements to a single business, also while working together to focus on costs and efficiencies that can be gained across the Supply Chain. By comparing multiple transport carrier"s costs, freight shipping services and expectations at the point of consigning, our clients can ensure they are taking full advantage of the options available to them to keep costs under control and keep their customers happy.

What does using a freight management company, such as Myfreight cost?

In most cases, using a freight software company such as Myfreight does not have any visible costs associated with using the services. We obtain rates on your behalf using our knowledge, relationships, and collective buying power to present a solution that typically saves money, not costs money. The bonus is that rather than dealing with inefficient means of managing multiple providers and freight logistics, you have a single point of contact that becomes an extension of your business.

What industries does Myfreight operate in?

Myfreight has hundreds of clients across most industries which enables us to have a very well-rounded knowledge and understanding of challenges faced in different sectors. Our technology and freight software in Australia is developed internally by our in-house team so that we can continually solve new problems that arise in the ever-changing transport landscape. Our specialties include providing freight shipping services, freight logistics and freight management software Australia-wide.

Will it be more expensive to use a freight management company rather than sourcing rates directly?

More often than not we can save you money by using our market knowledge, transport carrier relationships, and collective buying power to identify areas for reducing costs and in many cases improving service levels at the same time. In the instance that your rates are unbeatable, we will still identify areas where you could save money by integrating another set of options into your transport mix.

How do I find out if it is worth my while using Myfreight as my freight management partner?

It’s quite simple, arrange for one of our team to contact you and run you through a demonstration of our services and freight software Australia trusts. At the same time, we will want to learn as much as we can about the pain points you are experiencing in your Supply Chain so that we can put together a comprehensive proposal that not only delivers you a cost-saving but also drives far more value than that by solving as many of your pain points in the process. This is a no-obligation and zero-cost process to undertake this review, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What if I have relationships with transport companies that I don’t want to lose?

That is completely fine, and many of our clients are in the same boat. We do not want to change something that isn’t broken, so there are options that support keeping your carriers and still driving efficiencies and cost-saving through technology and partnership with Myfreight.

How do I know if Myfreight is the right option for our complex freight requirements?

Trusting anyone with complex freight requirements requires due diligence to ensure you have the right partner in mind, be it for freight logistics software, freight shipping services or something else. Myfreight has a long history of managing challenging freight requirements and makes for some of our preferred partnerships. Dangerous Goods, oversized freight, mine sites, difficult site restraints, specific handling requirements, and all matters relating to a high level of compliance are all in a day’s work.

Can I use your Freight Management System (FMS) with all of my own carriers & rates?

Definitely! One of our services is called Myfreight IQ which is exactly that. We load your rates for you to use while taking full advantage of having a market-leading cloud freight management system to completely streamline your last mile. Some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest companies use us for exactly that. If we can help you achieve your goals through a technology solution, we would love to discuss how that could look.